Orville is named after the famous pilot, Orville Wright. Like his more famous namesake, Orville spends most of his time in pursuit of his life long ambition, to fly! The only problem is, he can’t. So, try as he might, he’s just got to face the fact that he is not a flying squirrel, as his faithful co-pilot Archie is all to quick to point out. “But why this obsession with flying?” you may ask. Well, you see, a long time ago, when Orville was very, very, young barely a few weeks old Orville’s mother and father died. It would appear that Orville would be destined to live a life of solitude, alone with no one to raise him, until the fickle finger of fate found favor with our fine furry friend and thanks to the actions of one mysterious character,  he was adopted by a loving family of flying squirrels, who decided to raise Orville as their own. It was then that he was named, “Orville!” Life was good with his new family, although his adopted parents never had the heart to tell Orville that he wasn’t a flying squirrel like his siblings. Instead they encouraged him to reach for the stars, and that he could be any thing he wanted to be if he only set his mind to it. Unfortunately the only thing Orville was interested in was learning to fly. Orville soon realized that he was not like the rest of his siblings. Many questions raced through his mind, questions like, “Why can’t I fly?” “Will I ever fly ?” and more importantly ” Does the light in the refrigerator really turn off when you close the door!?” These were the questions that tore at the very fiber of Orville’s being. So without hesitation, Orville set out to find the answers. Soon Orville found himself in a place called, Hodges Pond, and there, he stayed. Orville was never one to give in to discouragement and failure. He knows that one day he will fly. No matter how hopeless it may appear, he knows: he will fly! And you know what? He just might!